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Bibliography is about the contemporary artist Inga Shteinberg....

Inga Shteinberg  

I was born in Tbilisi Georgia in 1950 in economist family.

In 1968 i started to study in Art Academy and took 4 curses there. I continued education in Moscow in Stroganoff Art Academy, where i was transferred in 1972. In 1974 i maigered Stroganoff Art Academy.

In 1976 i started my Art career in Moscow as a painter. I was participating in major national and international exhibitions, and in 1983 i was granted as a member of Art Union of USSR.

I was active member of Art Union. I was teaching students, was participating in Moscow Group excibitions as well as being a member of Art Union Jury in Moscow.

In 1992-1996 I l ived and worked in Art village in Israel. I had a few group and personal exhibitions and was teaching an academic art in Tel-Aviv

From 1997 I live in New York City. In 1998-2002 i had opened "theI.S.Fine Art Studio, Gallery & School " for New York public.

I am participating in group exchibitions, teaching painting and drawing in Fine Art School in Brooklyn Messianic Center.

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