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Major international exhibitions

1976-1992 Participant of major international exhibitions in Russia, Europe & USA.

Group & personal exhibitions

1983 Art House, Moscow, Russia.

1986 Personal exhibition in Art house, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1991 Art House, Moscow, Russia, 3 artist exhibition.

1991-1992 Two person exhibition, Germany, Munich, Frankfurt.

1991-1992 International exhibition, Japan.

1993 Group exhibition Gallery Gordon 30, Tel Aviv, Israel

1994 Personal exhibition in Art House, Tel Aviv, Israel.

1997 Group show, Agora Gallery, SOHO, NY.

1997 Winner of competition of Group show, Agora Gallery,SOHO, NY, USA.

1998 Group exib. in "Artrageous Gallery" of Fine Arts, 313 Columbus av. NY, USA