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MY VISION TO FINE ART provides info about My Vision to Fine Artist as an Artist and as a Teacher.

Inga Shteinberg  

My classic art education was based on Academie des Beaux-Arts model and has greatly influenced my own style as an artist and as an art teacher. I believe that careful observation and analysis of natural environment and objects must go side by side with developing of self-expression techniques. Through study and understanding of Nature, aspiring artists learn underlying laws of proportions, perspective, functionality of organic shapes and color tonality. Ability to see and to precisely recreate on canvas perceived world lay a solid foundation for artistic self-expression. I developed my teaching program based on my desire to help students to learn how to truly see things the way they are in a process of drawings and painting. My program gradually evolves from drawing of simpler platonic shapes, such as cubes, spheres and cones, in pencil, to painting of still life composed of organic objects. During this period students learn how to communicate shapes of objects and to understand object proportions. The next step in my program is a study of human body. Utter importance of understanding and appreciation human body lays in its graceful complexity. Human body is composed of interlacing intricate geometries and capable of complex movements. Through understanding of human anatomy students learn about correlation of parts to the whole, expand their knowledge of proportions and start developing techniques to communicate figure movement. After aspiring artists obtain necessary knowledge and techniques to create still lives and figure drawings, the program moves to the next level - portrait painting. During this phase students not only expand their abilities to recreate perceived faces, but, most importantly, they start to communicate emotions through facial expressions in their paintings. What used to be a figure, becomes a person with feelings and desires, emotions and character. The last level in my program of study is landscape painting, that concentrates on perspective and emotional values of natural environment. Students master command of proportions and gain understanding of atmospheric effects while learning how to create naturalistic paintings of panoramic views and natural landscapes. Composition and color theory are integrated in every level of my program. In a process of learning from nature, aspiring artists develop acute awareness of color relations, sensitivity to the the subtle tonality change and how it can create a harmonious composition. Natural world teaches us the best how to perceive the whole as a correlation of its parts, interconnectivity of color, shape and objects within a composition. Successful artist always keeps in mind all these parameters and always can find inspiration from Nature to achieve wholeness and harmony in art work. Inga Shteinberg

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