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Inga Shteinberg  

Artist /Painter/, Interior Designer

imaging graphic designer artist

30 years experience as a painter / Portraits, Pictures ,Landscapes, Stillifes.

15 years teaching experience of academic art /painting, drawing and art anatomy./ in USA, Russia and Israel,

4 years experience in working as a computer imaging graphic designer using Photoshop and Painter, familiar with Illustrator. Make scan and
Print jobs on paper and canvas,
Restoration of Oil Pictures and Frames,

I.S.Fine Art is looking for buyers and dialers of fine art productions, of Oil Paintings, Prints and Posters

I.S.Fine Art is looking for
sponsors for business expansion, 2 years experience working as an Interior Designe in NY,USA, have done Interior projects and author fulfillment of Fresco and Glassing in Restaurants, Privat homes etc ...

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