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Sold Pictures

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"Tretyakov Gallery", Moscow, Russia. /Fair/

1986 "Museum of Arts", Tbilisi, Georgia. /Still-life Art

1987/88 "Museum of Modern Art", Kutaisi, Georgia. /Tiflis/

1989/90 "Museum of Art, Yuzhnosahalinsk, Russia. /Petropavlovsk/

/FishFarmer/ /Arhangelskoe/

1993 "Gallery Gordon 30, Tel Aviv", Israel. /Jerusalem/

1995 "Gallery Martal, Montreal", Canada. /Tbilisi/, /Maidan/,

1998 "Artrageous Gallery" of Fine Arts, 313Columbus av. NY, USA./Violinist/, /Ocean/

1985/2000Privat Collections, Canada, France, France, Ingland, Germany, Japan, Russia.