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In this project all interior of Synagogue is build on harmony of soft wall painting colour and active rhythmic wall panels, made in red wood material. This combination creates Impression of severity. Only small elements of lighting and white decorative panno of Mezuza in barelief technic are creating atmosphere of splendor in interior decoration. ...

Fine Art Studio Interior Catalogue 5
Inga Shteinberg  

NY Synagogue Project /Wall 1/. (Fresco techniqie

NY Synagogue Project.
/Wall Segment/
NY Synagogue Project

NY Synagogue Interior Project

NY Synagogue Project /Wall/

NY Synagogues Project.
/Wall Detail/.
NY Synagogue Project /Wall 4/

NY Synagogue Project. /Wall 4/
NY Synagogue Project /Silling/

NY Synagogues Project
/Central Lamp/

NY Synagogue Project /wall 5/

NY Synagogue Project. /Wall 5/
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